Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It never ends

So last night, on the way home from getting groceries, I noticed that my brakes were acting a little funny. This morning I checked the brake fluid and indeed it was super low. I'm going to go pick some up and top it up. However it's hydraulic, *if* I do have air in the system, it's a problem. So I wend around looking for some info on how to take care of this. I found this lovely sexist article.

How to bleed your breaks

The article is actually the most useful in terms of giving you the most useful information on how to do the job, but then there is lovely tidbits like this:

Sneak into the kitchen and appropriate the small turkey baster.

Which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't followed up with:

Cue the Helper
Your helper needs to be someone who can follow instructions exactly. He or she won't get dirty hands so you don't need to pull one of your pals away from the ballgame. A teenager in a white dress will do fine.

Because clearly you are the family man who would *have* to sneak into the kitchen to steal a turkey baster, it certainly wouldn't be your own. And there is no way you could pull your pals away from something so precious as a ball game to perform some menial helper task. That would be far to degrading. Really, was the white dress image necessary?

That said, anybody want to be my teen in a white dress sometime this weekend?

However I do really love living in an age where I, who have never done this before, can hop online and read a ton of articles and watch video clips on how to do it and then feel confident enough to do it myself.

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