Monday, March 30, 2009

I am an omnivore. I like meat, though I totally respect the many reasons why people might go vegetarian.

I was reading today about people eating invasive species. Squirrels and the like.

I must say, I'm all for it. One of the reasons I would consider going vegetarian is the sustainability factor and this would greatly reduce that impact. Locally hunting your own meat, great! I think we are far to removed from the source of our food. One of the reasons I love the farmers market so much, at least I'm meeting the people who grew my food. I know that I would have to want meat a great deal more to go out and hunt and prepare wild game.

A number of friends of mine have attended UVic, which has a bunny problem. I have heard many stories of students eating the animals and again I am behind it. There was an article in the UVic newsletter about how to kill, skin and prepare rabbits which stirred up a lot of controversy.
This is a response to the article here:
There were a lot of comments about not hurting the bunnies which I think is a bit hypocritical if the posters are omnivores. The expanding bunny population is a problem and the suggestion that the only SPCA approved way of dealing with them is to have them neutered and have homes found for them is ridiculous. The problem was supposedly have started because people abandoned their pets. Do they really think that they are going to find homes for approximately a thousand rabbits? I don't think so. Shelters often have to kill their residents due to over population.

I'm not an expert on the most humane way of killing rabbits, I do think that it is important to do quickly and humanely and I think that torturing animals is awful and disgusting. AND I think that eating animals is a natural thing. Falcons, owls, hawks and off-leash dogs already take care of some of the bunnies, I would think that the fear and suffering would be about the same if not less being killed by a human vs animal.

So all in all, if you eat meat, why not eat rabbit? Local, free range, cheap and sustainable!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is going on in my lovely city, you should come! Enter the Mayhem!